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To upload your files to us for branding, simply drag and drop them into the box to the right. Users of Internet Explorer 9 and previous versions, we highly recommend that you zip your files into a single folder for easier uploading.

Zipping a group of files together into a single folder is very simple. For instructions on how to zip files click one of the links below. Your files will be returned to you in one single zipped folder.
How to zip files and extract zipped files in Windows.
How to zip files and extract zipped files using a Mac.
Please note that files submitted through this page will be ignored and deleted if not coming from a dealer with an active account.
The upload feature will only accept 100 files per upload! If you have more than 100 files, please sent multiple uploads or zip (compress) the files into one folder and send it instead.
Maxceleration Dealer Services provides website management services for automotive dealers and is a proudly Canadian business based in Calgary, Ab.
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